Get the best deals on photo equipment for headshots

Headshot Equipment List

Nikon Z 6II

Full-Frame Mirrorless with Nikor Z 24-200mm F4-6.3 Lens Kit | 24 megapixels

Canon EOS R6

Full-Frame Mirrorless with RF 24-105mm F4 Lens Kit | 20 megapixels with image stabilization

Grey/Blue Backdrop

Fovitech reversible background 5×7 foldable 

Black/White Backdrop

Fovitech reversible background 5×7 foldable 

Reflector Clamp

metal spring clamp that can attach to a light stand

A Clamps

These clamps are used for clamping reflectors, foam-core, cloth etc

1004BAC Master Stand

12 FT Manfroto stand | Large and stackable

1051 BAC Mini Stand

7 FT Manfroto Stand | Small and stackable

42 inch Reflector

Fotodiox Silver/White reflector for fill and bounce

Posing Stool

Lightweight and pivots easily, great for reducing height issues

Flash Trigger XT2-C

Godox wireless flash trigger for Canon – 5 groups, HSS

Flash Trigger XT2-N

Godox wireless flash trigger for Nikon – 5 groups, HSS

Godox AD200 Pro Flash

Universal Flash 200 watts, HSS, 500 full power flashes

Godox AD400 Pro Flash

Universal Flash 400 watts, HSS, 390 full power flashes

43" Softbox Unbrella

43 inch is a good size for a headshot 

12x36 Strip Box

quick set up, bowens mount, used as hair light or rim light

S2 Speedlight Bracket

Bracket allows Bowens mount modifiers for AD200 Flash

H200R Round Head

Round Head attachment for AD200 with magnetic front

AK-R1 Acessories kit

Magnetic Grid and colored gels for AD200 round head

AD-S60S Softbox

23.6 inches AD400 Godox mount comes with grid

Reflector Holder

will hold a reflector at any angle – be careful outdoors

10lb shot bag

shot bags are superior to sandbags – more compact and cleaner

Backdrop Elastic String Holder Clip

clips to keep your backdrop from sagging

Flashpoint RB-PG Steel Wheeled Pistol Grip Stand

stand with wheels

Flashpoint Pistol Grip for Pistol Grip Stand

second grip for beauty lighting

Savage Translum, 60" W 18'

background creates medium diffusion for a soft light effect

10x24 Quick Strip Softbox

small strip box for fill light or hair light

Silver Beauty Dish 25"

collapsible beauty dish with diffuser and grid

Portable background

10 FT adjustable with cary case

60" White Umbrella

Photek 5 FT sofbox unbrella

Headshot Class

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